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Foodservice Equipment and Supply Solutions from the Industry’s Leading Specialists

MarkeTeam Foodservice represents some of the most innovative foodservice equipment brands in the industry. We believe in products that are reliable, that increase efficiency and productivity, and that ultimately drive profits for foodservice operators.

Though the brands we represent are a large part of who we are, they’re not everything. We have our own ways of doing things, and a large part of that is dedicating resources to educate foodservice operators. The MarkeTeam Foodservice way is to look for the right solution to meet a challenge, not create a challenge to fit a certain solution.

How do we do this? We are forward thinking and utilize technology. We provide services and opportunities that help educate the industry. We open our doors for demos and training opportunities. We’ll let you try out the equipment you’re interested in to see if it will meet your challenges. And if you can’t come to us, we’ll hop in our demo truck, and we’ll come to you.

The MarkeTeam Foodservice Story

MarkeTeam Foodservice was founded in 1968 to provide quality foodservice equipment solutions to restaurants, business and industry, schools, universities, healthcare, correctional facilities, and other relative foodservice operations.

We work closely with operators to help them find the right solutions. We work with dealers and consultants to specify new jobs and remodels. And we work with foodservice industry professionals throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, Hawaii, and British Columbia.

Meet Our Team

David Douglas

Outside Sales - Eastern Washington, Montana

Office: 360.696.3984 x152
Cell: 509.710.2172

Daniel Miles, CFSP

Outside Sales – All Territories

Office: 360.696.3984 x113
Cell: 360.921.5459

Riley Miles, CFSP

Outside Sales - Oregon, Idaho

Office: 360.696.3984 x117
Cell: 360.798.4904

Spencer Miles

Outside Sales - Washington, Alaska

Office: 360.696.3984 x115
Cell: 360.949.2266

Kris Quintanilla

Outside Sales - Oregon, Hawaii

Office: 360.696.3984 x148
Cell: 360.953.2210

Jason Stevens

Outside Sales - Washington

Office: 360.696.3984 x153
Cell: 206.719.0698

Hudson Slater

Executive Chef

Office: 360.696.3984 x155
Cell: 253.720.1001

Lexi Bonds

Inside Sales

Office: 360.696.3984 x120

DeeAnn Ferguson

General Manager

Office: 360.696.3984 x114

Dillon Lumen

Digital Marketing Strategist

Office: 360.696.3984 x116

Cindy Miles

Sales Credit & Spec Admin

Office: 360.696.3984 x110

Kendle Pitts

Inside Sales

Office: 360.696.3984 x119

Regional Chefs

Brian Figler

Rational Regional Sales Manager

Cell: 206.673.1859

Josh Eells

Unified Brands Corporate Chef

Cell: 425.599.5809

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